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Naomi Preston, TTEAM Practitioner

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HAF Pads


**********WINTER SALE!!!**********


• Easy care, washable, hygienic, non-slip
• Light weight
• Shaped to fit the horse's back
• Uses "open cell inserts" – removeable pad inserts and shims. Adjust pads to fit your horse


HAF Pads are imported from Italy. They are shaped to allow room for the horse's withers. With excellent padding, they are not too thick, and not bulky under the girth area – they will not add bulk under your leg. These pads work very well with a close contact saddle such as the FreeForm and other treeless saddles, Specialized saddles as well as other English and Western saddles.

Lightweight, easy care, and washable. Lined with a non-slip material that does not absorb sweat, but does not create heat buildup, because of its unique surface. This material is hygienic as well, and will benefit horses with special requirements or skin conditions. It is breathable, light weight, and easy to clean. You also have the ability to insert shims or different pad thicknesses to adjust the pad to fit your horse's needs.

Endurance Model Redline Pro

Length: 25" Height: 21"
Features: anatomical topline, graduated foam from 1" at the top to 0.6" at the bottom
Available colors: green or blue.  Limited quantities!
Retail price:  $189
Sale price:  $169