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Naomi Preston, TTEAM Practitioner

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The Best in Wound Care!
Now there are products that really work!
- Formerly Q-Shot, now BIOCYN - 


Thank you for your excellent products.  I’ve had incredible success with the Q-Shot, Q-Foam and

Q-Ointment.  You said the “Q” was for Quick, and you were right!  This combination was the fastest cure for scratches that I have ever used.  As an endurance competitor, I can’t lose training or competition time due to a problem such as scratches.  The Q-Liniment is also exceptional. I’ve even used it on my tight shoulders and the comfort and relief is immediate.  I know my horses really appreciate it when

 I massage them with the Q-Liniment.   


              Beverly Gray,  Champion Endurance Rider, Park City, Utah


I had my first experience with scratches two years ago at a multi-day ride.  Since then, I've tried lots of products, but nothing nearly as effective in knocking out scratches fast.  These products are also excellent for all
types of wounds, speeding healing and preventing infection. 
And the liniment is perfect for post-ride use on legs instead of poultice.

                      Naomi Preston, Champion Endurance Rider, Baker City, Oregon                       











Our horse, Malabar, with scratches. Notice the overall redness of the skin.







Malabar, only

24 hours later after applying Q-Foam.

The overall redness

from the first picture is gone, and the scratches are healing.








Summit Animal Healthintroduces a new line of Oxygen activated formulations that not only cleanses infected areas, but provides broad spectrum antimicrobial properties effective against bacterial, fungal and viral agents. All natural ingredients, in an insect-repellant formulation. Effective against scratches, but also excellent for treating other wounds to prevent infection. While most topical antiseptics attack all cells in and around the wound, these products only attack the thin walled pathogens leaving a foundation for new cell growth and an accelerated healing process. Also great for use on thrush—farriers love it!

Scientifically formulated by Chemist and National Champion Arabian owner, Bill Vetter.
*Tested and approved for use in competition by the International Olympic Equestrian Federation Test Facility, Hong Kong.
For serious scratches, first wash the affected area with a gentle soap such as Castile.  Don't use Betadyne, or anything strong, as it will just irritate the skin. Be sure to gently rub off any scabs or crusts.  Dry the area thoroughly.  Then spray the area with  Wound & Hoof Spray or Wound & Hoof Foam  twice daily.   When it begins to heal,  apply
Wound Therapy Ointment daily until completely healed.   You'll be amazed how quickly the scratches will heal. A little bit of this product goes a long way, so remember, "less is more."                                                    
BIOCYN (Q-SHOT) Wound & Hoof Foam.  Use for wounds, scratches, thrush, white line disease, and to harden the hoof.  Years of research has gone into the development of a biologically and environmentally natural product which is effective in the deactivation of the broad range of infectious organisms which cause hoof infections in cattle and horses. The Biocyn
(Q-Shot) oxygen activated chemistry not only works to safely oxidize the pathogen’s cell walls, but is also works with the animal’s natural systems to accelerate the healing and regenerate “Rock HardTM” hooves.
  9 oz Bottle - $35.00



BIOCYN (Q-Shot) Wound Therapy OintmentTM.   Use for wounds, scratches, thrush, and white line disease.  Contains a broad spectrum antimicrobial ointment formulated to work with the animal’s natural system to accelerate the healing process. It utilizes the EnvizO3-shieldTM oxygen activated technology along with natural essential oils to deactivate infection organisms which keeping the skin soft and repelling disease carrying insects.
  4 oz. - $30.00