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Naomi Preston, TTEAM Practitioner

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Naomi doing TTEAM
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Improve Your Horse's Performance!
TTEAM has been an integral part of my success in endurance riding, and I look forward to sharing it
with you and your horse!
                                     Naomi Preston 
Naomi Preston & Mustang Lady
AERC Hall of Fame Horse
2nd place - 1990 Tevis Cup
Photo by Hughes Photography
Mustang Lady is a wild horse Naomi adopted in Homedale, Idaho from BLM's Wild Horse & Burro adoption program.  She had been trampled in the roundup, was lame, and aborted a foal, and Naomi felt sorry for her.  Mustang Lady became a National Champion in the sport of Endurance Riding, and is in the American Endurance Riding Conference Hall of Fame.  Two Breyer models have been made of Mustang Lady, honoring her achievements. 
An excellent article about Mustang Lady's adoption & endurance success:

Karlady & Naomi, 1st place AERC Northwest Region 2009.  Winners of the 5-day, Owyhee Canyonlands
260 mile ride for three years in a row!  Shown here at the 2009 AERC Nat'l Championship 100,
at 87 miles and going strong! Finished 2nd MW, and 13th overall.
Photo:  Merri Melde
TTEAM, The Tellington-Ttouch Method, is a horse training approach that encourages optimum performance and health, as well as offering solutions to common physical and behavioral problems.  TTEAM has been widely used in a variety of horse disciplines, but my focus is on it's use in the sport of Endurance Riding. 
Developed by internationally recognized horsewoman Linda Tellington-Jones, the method,  based on cooperation and respect, offers a positive approach to working with horses.