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Naomi Preston, TTEAM Practitioner

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Naomi doing TTEAM
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Custom Saddles for Riders seeking
Quality & Performance!
I have personally used SR Saddles for over 20 years, and believe they're the best endurance saddles on the market. I'm still using my 20 year old saddle made for Mustang Lady, and now refitted to her daughter Karlady.  If you're interested in the best-fitting saddle for your horse, and improving their performance, order an SR Saddle!
Naomi Preston
SR Saddles are a high quality custom product, combining master quality leatherwork with a unique, high-tech flexible tree design, to significantly improve horse and rider performance.
Entering my 25th year of saddle design success, I invite riders to take a closer look to really understand my saddle, and how it is different from every other saddle on the market. 
SR Saddles are my own unique design, not merely a copy of western or english.  My saddle designs originate from two American patents, delivering a flexible component tree mounted to soft upholstered skirting.  There are no rigid tree bars or stiff panels, resulting in more freedom of movement for the horse.   
I personally hand craft each SR Saddle, custom made to your individual horse's back and your measurements as a rider.  Even though the saddles are custom fit to each horse, they can be refit to your horse as his back changes (due to fitness, muscling or weight change), or refit to a totally new horse. Each saddle is 100% guaranteed. 
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SR Saddles
21589 Bear Creek Rd.
Bend, OR  97701