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Naomi Preston, TTEAM Practitioner

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Naomi doing TTEAM
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                  Becky Hart & R.O. Grand Sultan
             3-Time World Endurance Champions                            
Becky Hart, on
TTEAM and Naomi:
"TTEAM is such a miracle. We have used it so many times over the years.
While we were running the boarding stable it helped colicky horses. One of
the lesson horses I use is terribly girthy, but if I just do circles while the students gently girth her, she stands quietly, licking. When the endurance horses don't eat at the vet check, lick of the cows tongue helps them get started."

"At Race of Champions, my horse had an elevated pulse at the final check-in.
We had 3 minutes left to get it down. TTEAM practitioner Naomi Preston came
over and worked on Rio. When the vet took his pulse, he was below criteria
and had won the ride!"
Judy Houle & Shatir
"At the Race of Champions in Colorado, I had just finished first solo, only to be judged as
grade 3 lame at the final vet check. I had 40 minutes left on my time to try and massage it out and try again. I was in the barn aisle out of the wind, trying my best to alleviate my horse's cramp when Naomi came along and asked what was wrong. When I told her, she coached me through a series of jellyfish jiggles, python lifts and leg circles for about 20 minutes. I decided then to go to the vets and trot out again, and if he was still lame, to hand him over
to Naomi and forget the Solo Championship. Well, he trotted out sound to my great delight. I couldn't have done it without her."
Karen Steenhof & Admiral Gil                                                    
Karen Steenhof, from Murphy, Idaho, is an accomplished endurance rider, with over 15,000 miles.  On Day 2 of the Pink Flamingo ride in 2007, I noticed her having some difficulty mounting her horse, who was very excited, as a lot of horses are at the start of an endurance ride.  I spent a few minutes doing some TTouch on his mouth and muzzle, and he began to calm down.
"I wanted to thank you for taking the time to work with Gil yesterday morning. You did wonders. He was unbelievably calm after you worked with him. It was the best start I have ever had with him, and the day continued to go well."
 Photo by Steve Bradley
                                                                                                  Photo by Steve Bradley 
 Suzanne White Hedgecock
"During the fall of '07 I took my young horse Julio to a one day 50, the last day of the Owyhee multiday. He had travelled for 8 hours and been submitted to a blown tire (extra trailer time), and only let out of the trailer for about an hour when the tire was replaced on the truck and the trailer had a tire replaced, while we were at it in Mtn. Home, Idaho.
The next day I rode my 9 year old gelding to a nice completion, not a race, but an excellent ride for his first ever ride. The weather was turning cold, meanwhile Julio was waiting in his corral pen, still having not done anything- but be driven to Oreana, confined and not even lounged. That night the temps. dipped to below freezing, and even with a blanket, this young horse was not in my opionion warm enough.
On Julio's ride morning, I put a very cold saddle blanket on him. He was not himself, but I thought with a warm up, he will be fine. I remember saying to Susan of HealthyasaHorse, when she said, Sue, "You look..........", I said, "Not right", something was not right about this big moving youngster.  Within 20 minutes Julio had one of the worst tie-ups and the only one I have ever experienced, and we were on our way back to camp. My improper feed program for the specific need of this horse and this particular situation was all wrong, as well as immobility he was given, and the extreme cold temps. all contributed to the metabolic problem.  He was treated by Dr. Olin Bach, who was quite good at holding me mentally intact, and in helping get Julio all the fluids and comfort necessary so there would be no damage to kidneys, muscles and to help with the long 6 hour ride home."

"Enter Naomi Preston........she started her TTeam treatment within an hour after Julio came back from treatment, and she continued taking care of him through the afternoon, evening and the next morning- as needed. She and her horse Karlady had completed their last day of the mulitday, and won the title of fastest overall time; then Naomi contributed her time to help Julio. The next morning Naomi did some more work; maybe this allowed departure day possibly for me & Julio, Julio looked soooo much better. I was able to walk him and exercise him a bit, I think because of the stretching and accupressure associated with TTeam he was able to flush toxic materials and become comfortable so much faster. I finally left ride camp at about 12pm, arrived home at 7pm, turned Julio out to round pen confinement for 12 hours....the first thing he did was roll over 7 times, buck, then eat and drink.
I turned him out on the 8 acres and let him recover for 6 weeks on fun, sparring with his pasture mates and grass hay, water, and selemium/vitamin e, c.; free minerals and salt blocks. What a rough experience for a nice young horse, totally human error (I need to understand this young fellow better- so sorry). Thankfully Naomi was next to us in the corral pens to see our problem and rescue Julio with his tie up. I really think Naomi and her TTeam knowledge and practice is a great asset to horses in this kind of trouble, plus in helping horses perform to their best in all kinds of performance.......
Thank you for your professional knowledge and help Naomi."