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Naomi Preston, TTEAM Practitioner

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Why TTEAM for your Endurance Horse?
TTEAM is useful in all aspects of working with your
endurance horse, from training to competition. 

During training

Improve your horse's self-carriage & hindquarter engagement
Increase range of motion & stride length
Improve coordination & balance
Discover sore or sensitive areas
Speed recovery from injuries
Overcome fear or resistance
The TTEAM body exploration is useful at home during training to detect any sore or sensitive areas on your horse, allowing you to relieve these areas before they become major problems.  The leg exercises are great for increasing range of motion, stride length, and detecting any changes in the movement of your horse's legs.  Tail work provides a connection from the tail, through the back and to the poll, which horses really enjoy.  Working the tail is also useful for horses that are fearful of things or other horses behind them.  TTEAM ground exercises can increase your horse's coordination,lateral flexion and confidence.  The body wrap (shown here) can help a horse engage the hindquarters, lower the head and lift the back. 

During Competition

Improve pre-ride warmup
Improve range of motion &    stride length
Speed recovery at Vet Checks
Stimulate eating
Provide relief to sore areas
Calm the nervous horse
TTEAM exercises are really useful just prior to starting your pre-ride warm up in the morning.  I do about 5-10 minutes of TTEAM just before I mount up.  Your horse will be more relaxed and supple going into your warm-up. 
At vet checks during the ride, I've used a number of TTEAM techniques to improve pulse/respiration recovery time.  During the hold, depending on the horse's needs, methods can be used to stimulate eating, alleviate cramps, provide relief to sore areas, etc.  Just a few minutes of work can produce amazing results!
Lee Pearce uses TTEAM on
Fire Mt. Malabar at the AERC
National Championship 100 Mile Ride
at a vet check.
Using TTEAM after a competition can help speed your horse's recovery from the ride.  Using these techniques will help you find any problem areas that may have developed during the ride, and quickly initiate the recovery process. 
Other important uses for TTEAM
TTEAM has been successfully used for:
       -nervousness or tension
        -resistance to handling specific body areas (mouth, ears, tail, etc.)
        -resistance to grooming or saddling
        -resistance to the vet or farrier
        -stubbornness or laziness
        -sore backs
        -head tossing and tail wringing
        -inconsistent performance
        -unevenness of stride